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What's Done is Done

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Peter Lacey
What's Done is Done

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Ready Room is pleased to announce a new feature: the Inspector now has the ability to mark a request as Complete from the inspector portal. After toggling the Complete button on, the task is grayed out so the Inspector can keep track of what they have already reviewed.

A "Hide Completed Tasks" button in the inspector portal lets the inspector hide completed requests to focus on to-be-reviewed tasks. This button can be used in conjunction with the other filters at the top of the page.

For cases where the Inspector will only review in hard copy, the inspection team has the ability to mark a request as Complete via a toggle button that shows up as soon as the request is moved to Inspector Review. Completed tasks are grayed out in the Inspector Review column, and a handy toggle filter at the top of the column allows users to hide and show those tasks. Just like in the Inspector Portal, the show/hide function works in concert with other inspection-level filters.