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Ready Room is the only solution you need to prepare for and conduct your next FDA or EMA inspection.
Ready Room Inspection Dashboard

Ready to Roll

Ready Room manages inspection requests from ask to delivery. Team members can generate requests, assign them to others, attach documents, and release them to the inspector, all with one easy drag-and-drop workflow.

Get started immediately

Get started quickly. Nothing to install. Nothing to configure.

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Track requests and visualize inspection status, with our synchronized workflow board

Flexible “personas”

Switch and share roles during long inspections

Inspector Portal

Securely share documents and responses with inspectors

Integrated chat, comments, and scribe notes

Keep communication flowing, even for remote users

Storyboards & Flashcards

Prepare for and practice handling the tough questions

Ready, steady.

Calm the “back room” chaos with a simple interface that lets all team members visualize the status of each request, while the Inspector sees only released responses and documents.

Ready for anything

  • Unlimited storyboards, inspections, users, and documents.
  • Create and track activity of multiple inspectors.
  • Invite users from any domain – sponsor, vendor, or contractor.
  • Attach documents of any type.
  • Download status reports, documents, and inspection history at any time.
Ready Room User Flexibily Example

Chat, scribe notes, and comments keep team members in touch from different time zones

The synchronized inspection board helps the team visualize the status of each request and all requests

The inspector sees only released documents

Invite team members from any organization, including vendors, CROs, labs, and even inspectors

Ready for remote

Ready Room connects remote inspection team and inspectors via a simple interface that updates immediately with each change.

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Ready to Shine

Ready Room's support for storyboards, staging, and mock inspections allows the inspection team to be truly prepared for anything.

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Create storyboards to address the thorniest of questions

Leverage nearly 100 BIMO storyboard templates

Use "flashcards" to practice storyboards

Stage and QC documents ahead of the inspection

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